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Adapt or die. Changing the way we do business.

Adapt or die. Changing the way we do business.

Important update PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read and SHARE!

As many of you know we are constantly in a state of change at our business while we strive to stay ahead of the curve in what seems like insurmountable task of operating a brick and mortar store in this internet dominated retail climate these days... So here are some of the confirmed details of our latest big change!

After 4 years of operating Paintball Pandemic, LLC at 130 North Tollgate, Bel Air, MD 21014 we are changing are business model! As many have noticed we have been transitioning our name to Pandemic Outfitters! This new name better represents what we offer!

As of Oct. 31, 2015 we will no longer be operating a physical retail location, but instead moving to a Vendor/Consignment based community system. (yes I made the name of that up..)

The new mission is this, To establish a small local business community network of local businesses that have similar concentration of customer demographics as Pandemic Outfitters in an effort to bring a larger product selection and greater proximity to our customers and our hosts customers!

How is this going to work??? Good question, and a easy one to answer, but certainly not an easy one to implement...

For starters we will be/have been approaching numerous local businesses in Harford County to negotiate an agreement for said local business to become Hosts to inventory/services of Pandemic Outfitters. Our initial goal is 4 to 5 locations in Harford County and then expand to the surrounding area.

We are currently working on establishing a mobile application/web backend that will serve as the backbone to our network, where hosts can monitor, reserve, request, and order inventory/services to meet the specific needs of their individual customers as well as our customers.

An example situation would be if a customer walks into Hosts A business and wants product X that is not in stock at Host A, that business can check the inventory of the network and see that the product is in stock at Host B location. Host A can offer 3 options to the customer, Reserve, Request, or order at the moment.

Reserve: This option would allow the product to be Reserved so the customer can travel to Host B location and purchase the product in person. Because Host A reserved the product for their customer they would net a small % of the sale, Host B would earn the majority of the sale being they are the current host location of the product.

Request: This option allows Host A to request the product that is in stock within the network to be delivered by Pandemic Outfitters from either a warehouse or another Hosts location within 48 hours. This would net Host A a smaller majority % of the sale and Host B the same small % of the sale, but allow a customer to make a purchase from their desired Hosts location.

Order: This option is used if the product is not in stock within the network, resulting in Pandemic Outfitters ordering the product and having it delivered to the Hosts location that ordered the product.

These are the core of the system at the moment. We working on other features/ideas we would like to implement at a later time pending the results we see with this core system.

As of right now here are some answers to questions we have already been asked:

Yes HPA and CO2 fills will still be available. We are nearly done finalizing a host location for these services within the Bel Air area.

Yes we will still offer Paintball products, including Paintballs

Yes we will still offer Airsoft products, including Green Gas, and Airsoft BBs!

Yes we still offer Paintball repairs

Yes we still offer Airsoft repairs. Who physically does the repairs will change though.

Yes our current customer pricing will be honored on our products, but may be limited to specific locations pending the negotiations with the Hosts. IE: First Responders, Military, sponsorship's, etc. This pricing will be rolled into our membership program and will require the customer to have their membership card with them at the time of the purchase to receive their pricing.

Yes customers can still reach me directly for anything they need.

Yes our customers can still order directly from Pandemic Outfitters through our webstore, Phone, email, Social Media, Ebay, or at an event.

Yes we will still offer our consignment program.

Yes we will still offer our recycling program.

Yes we will still be utilizing our social media, but expect to see us be more collaborative with our hosts social media as well!